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Job title: University Assistant

Department: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Organisation: Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Begin date: September 2010

End date: September 2014

Job responsibilities: I Introduced laser measuring techniques PIV and LDV/LDA through laboratory course work. I was successful in looking after the maintenance of the laser equipment. Documented the laser safety instruction document in English for the safety of the people who intend to use the high-power laser equipment. Given safety intructions to the people who were using the high-power laser equipment for the first time and supervised them all the time during thier experiments to avoid accidents. Assisted bachelor and master students in their thesis work which involve the usage of the equipment. I carried out flow measurements using PIV and LDV/LDA. Designed new experimental set-up using CAD software, Pro-Engineering. Taught an exercise class in "Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics" in English.

Job title: Research Assistant

Department: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Organisation: Otto-von-Guericke Universtity Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany

Begin date: February 2009

End date: August 2010

Job responsibilities: I checked and synthesized the scientific and technical literature concerning drag reduction. I successfully planned and co-ordinated the construction of an experimental set-up to investigate drag reduction by polymers and fibers. Took into account safety considerations with great care associated to the use of high-power lasers. Carried out planar velocity measurements using PIV and did velocity and turbulence measurements using LDV/LDA. Carried out trajectory and velocity measurements in a flow volume using PTV.